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Post  Viktor on Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:09 pm

My name is Viktor. I am the one who organizes the Perakees in Hungary. I will explore the possibilities of those people and recover the lost knowledge about their potential. I think it is a good idea to promote the idea of individualization: regardless wether Perakee or Mahakah, they all have potentials, and none of them lives up to those. It is part of human dignity to have the right to know what your limits truly are, and it is human freedom to be free to chose your path then. Dignity and freedom is what I strive for, and these I shall teach to friends and enemies alike.
I have spoken.


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Simians in Hungary Empty hey victor....

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:31 am

it's great to have a first post in the forum.
we perakees (or MASUKAKE) as we are called in japanese) have a hard time, cause we don't even have a day were we all meet up, like the redhairday for the gingers.
but I urge you to take it easy, we can learn a lot from people with other special traits.
we can learn how they deal with their specialness, and for gingers: they are very easy with it.

I agree that you and me are fighting the same fight: making masukakeperakees SEE, that they have a potential, that they can only use, when they are conscious of their specialness.

I truly hope that you contribute a lot of your own experiences on your way to your masukake-consciousness.

and please take it easy with the "I have spoken". you are here amongst other perakees/masukakes, that are understanding with you. you don't need to behave like a oh-so-important VIP. here you are amongst your brothers and sisters ("in law") and you can also show your weakness, here you don't need to fight that much, as you may fight, around mahakahs.

I hope you get the point.

take it easy!


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