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Post  chowala on Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:27 pm

As more as i learned about perakee. Of these handlines. That people that have a line like this are gonna live there life to it. End you should not do that. Yeah oke it is special and rare. But the legend is how many years old ? There are no old runes left to study no bones to look at . The legend is faded. One thing i do realy believe is . Is that people that have these lines are people with more perspective then others. We can see situaties diffrent then others thats why we can judge better. En i do believe we can be so like workers of the light. Not in sentence of god our jezus our eny other religion . But from earth it self. To make small changes help a old women over the road. Our helping peole you see in situaties . If i speak voor myself . End i got 2 pure lines on both my hands . I helpen alot of people in all kind of situaties and i am only 23 years old but i helped parents with there children. To understand them better. All kinds of helps i have offered but i did not seek eny of it . It just came across my life. So the moral of this story . Live your life like you want and need to . And all you need to learn will cross your path. And its not perakee special to find inner peace . I think maybe more then 50% of the world people wanna find inner peace dont use this legend as an excusse for your peace . i do believe that this legend could be real but for the now a days its just an old bedtime story. Not relevant for the society now.


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