comparing the redheads attitude to the perakees attitude.

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comparing the redheads attitude to the perakees attitude.

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:08 am

hi there,

it's a fact, that redheads are WAY more aware of themselves than perakees/masukakes.

they are prouder and brighter, easier and lighter with their specialness.

masukakes are pretty boring about it.

well think about it: gingers have their own "facebook" or "myspace" if you will. masukakes only have groups UNDER myspace and facebook.
don't believe me?

check this out:

that's just like a facebook/myspace for gingers.

I mean there is lots of mothers, writing in those groups in Face and myspace, that are so scared that their babies have the simian line.
have you ever seen a mother scared, cause their baby had red hair?

think about that, fools!


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