"conversation" between perakees.

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"conversation" between perakees. Empty "conversation" between perakees.

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:18 pm

[13:04] masukake larry B (DSL): good morning
[13:04] *** Auto-response sent to masukake larry B (DSL): I am currently idle.
[13:04] masukake larry B (DSL): why haven't you written more on mine?
[13:04] masukake larry B (DSL): I have been so busy lately that I haven't even written anything more on my site
[13:05] masukake larry B (DSL): I keep thinking that since Christmas is over, things will slow down again, but they haven't.
[13:06] masukake larry B (DSL): my daughter with my Perakee grand daughter moved back from Florida, and I have spent much time helping them move and get settled in
[13:08] polonio2003: what do you want me to write on your page?
[13:08] masukake larry B (DSL): what do you want me to write on yours?
[13:09] polonio2003: do you always have to counter? you behave like a little child
[13:10] polonio2003: that's not wisdom or balance, that's childishness
[13:10] polonio2003: and now you sulk like a little child. great!
[13:12] polonio2003: I mean, do you even read this?
[13:12] polonio2003: or are you just sitting there staring holes in the air?
[13:12] polonio2003: have you ever come up with something new?
[13:12] polonio2003: have you ever had your OWN ideas, rather than thos eof your grandfather? or are you just so full of those stories, that you have no mind on your own?
[13:13] masukake larry B (DSL): this is the grand daughter. my Poppy is taking a shower to get ready for work
[13:13] polonio2003: oh....ok...
[13:13] polonio2003: great....
[13:13] polonio2003: he goes off and let's his granddaughter chat with me, while I am being seious
[13:13] polonio2003: +r

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