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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:59 am

In chiromancy people with the simian line are very intense in their characteristics.They are said to have unusual psychic powers and are friendly with animals (most likely because of that).They have a hard time fitting in with the usual non-simian-line rest (called the "mahakah" in an indian language).But since they share the same energies amongst each other, they get along very well together.It´s just not so easy to find other simian-liners (called the "perakee" in the same indian language), so the single has to look closely to find another perakee.Oftentimes, Simian Liners are unaware of their speciality. They think that "this line has grown, because they moved their hands in a different way to other people" or they are ashamed of it, and hold it back, or they think, that the rest of the world has alike hand lines.That is a shame because they never find out that they are special people, and they never understand and learn why they are different from everybody else, along with why others seem to share an energy that is so different from the perakees.

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