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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:33 am

the freak factor is a measuring tool, that mostly refers to the seldomness of a speciality.

for example, gingers are - in the world population - as seldom as masukake.
but, gingers are more common in europe, than masukake.

it depends on the viewpoint. either europe or the earth.

anyway, the factor describes how seldom a freak is.

for example people with a horn on their head are so seldom, that their freak factor is very high.

albinos...have a high freak factor, too.

albino world percentage = 0.005 %
masukake world percentage = about 3 % (? or more)
redhead world percentage = about 1 % to 2 %

therefore the freak factor of albinism is much higher than of perakees and redheads, cause they are more seldom.

now imagine the freak factor of someone with three eyes.
interesting would be to know the percentage of the dwarfes (those with low body height).


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