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everybody is normal. Empty everybody is normal.

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:44 am

I have just been to a readhead (ginger) forum....
.....there is a guy that cracks it down like i did in my first forum 3 years ago.

he is higly believing, that redheads are THE freaks. he calls the gene that is responsible for their red hair "the god gene" and the holy grail.

that is something very interesting, cause this guy is getting maniac about his most outstanding freak trait, his red hair.

when I got so obsessed with my simian line my parents told me, that noone is more special than someone else.
they tried to break my manic state.
but the way they did was wrong.

still sometimes one should de-focus (whenever your focused to much on your special trait) and chill and kick back.

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