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Revitalization or not Empty Revitalization or not

Post  anomos on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:12 pm

Hello, I came across this place as the only open forum regarding the subject matter that is not within the confines of a social networking environment. Sorry, don't/wont do it. I don't like the idea of revealing this characteristic about myself where it can be cataloged but when something inside strongly encourages me to do something I do it (barring things that cause ill fate or malcontent).

So here I am, I have the line on both hands. Why am I here you may ask, or you may already know. Someone somewhere knows. I know; but do not know the significance of this or what the outcome will be. There is something that says there is a collective consciousness among us, to what I don't know, but we all know.

Many will view this, those with the lines and those without. I know there is a difference tied to this line, the testimonies of other line holders echo and resonate with me. I was aware of my lines at a young age but they were just lines until maybe two days ago. I knew they had a meaning but did not know it. My personality and perception differ from most. Never did I think the way my mind and behavior are could be linked to lines on my hand, now I know it.

I have to stop and ask myself is it just another hivemind? I don't believe it is a hivemind or more activity would surround the subject to the point where it would be like a good ol' boys club, it's not and those aware only seek what they must seek and do what they must do when they know to do it. Most line holders will never have a clue and make the connection due to over stimulation, saturation, and the social normality they grow into.

I can only speak from experience of living in western culture, but again; where is more substance to chew on? Why is it outside of people with lines and research fields you never hear of this unless some parent is terrified there's a medical condition associated with it? Merely a distraction to keep you further from yourself, shame yourself, or think nothing of it and move on. The researchers are too smart to see simplicity. Remember, not so many decades ago if one wrote with their left hand they were punished and forced to write with the right and it was socially acceptable to do this. It worked with some. Who is to say a truth hasn't been shadowed purposely and we are to remain divided because as collective you learn. This could also be by design part as of the journey. I call upon a collective because the time is soon. I've seen jokes about banding together to rule the world. No, the thought makes me chuckle due to absurdity, and I'm sure it is in jest. Smile A young playful mind will say these things but there is gravity with it. They know the collective is there, they haven't realized it yet.

If you read this, you were supposed to and you know why.


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