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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty Double Simian Lines - Hello All

Post  Krane007 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:21 am


I am a 27 year old, and have Simian lines on both the hands, and they are full lines from the left side till the right side of the hands.
Personally, i am a goal oriented person, who can focus on a certain thing very well if i decide to, and get lost in what i am doing. It happens on quite a few occasions that I become unaware of what is going on else where, and around me, when i am doing something with focus.
I can do my work with lot of intensity, if i am interested. If not interested, it is hard for me to focus for long, and give much to it.

Although, i am not sure if this intensity comes due to the Simian lines, as i am also an Aries (sun sign). And above mentioned things are just a part of my personality, to which there are obviously other things which I may be ignoring right now, as the context here is Simian Lines. lol
I am looking for more info on the significance of the Simian lines, more so as i have it on both the hands, and both the lines are quite very prominent in my hands.

And the fact that I have these Simian lines has plagued me since childhood, as I knew I was different than other people in some way. I always took it as a negative rather than a positive sign. It felt as if i was not normal. It has been a much intriguing thing in my life, and I always wanted to find an answer to it, and understand what it really means.

I also have a twin brother, who also has Double Simian lines.

I am looking forward to interacting with all you guys, and getting your side of the picture, as each and every person is different !!
Do share your thoughts!!



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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty hi..

Post  Krane007 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:41 am

Hi guys,

Now that i read my sounds like i am boasting of things..this and that....but please do not misunderstand...was just trying to give details so i could know more...if people with simian lines do have similar feelings..and characteristics..

M really deeply troubled....m very self analytical..and always comparing myself with people...each day...almost every has just become a part of me...and i want to get rid of this self analytical behavior... Sad Sad


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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty bless

Post  tidfastous on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:54 am

a word of advice to all perakee. you cannot use psychology, philosophy nor astrology to fall in love or make friends, since it will depend solely on one of the three.

Double Simian Line with life line emerging from middle bottom of palm up and splits in two, with one going with heart and headline and other to pointing finger.


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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty hi!! Im not sleeping tonight!

Post  masukake_rose on Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:10 pm

I just discovered today that i have a simian line in both of my hands. I am 23 years old now but I dont have any idea before that this line has something to do with my personality and very very restless behavior not until a guy randomly ask to see my palm I got interested with what he said so I decided to do some research about it. My life is a hell of a roller coaster ride!!! cheers on the downside : I have so many issues with my parents. I always ask myself if there is something wrong about me and couldn't figure it out. I am very easy-going so I enjoyed marketing and meeting new people but gets high-tempered when things not done right. Mostly of the traits that defines simian people resembles mine but I dont have down syndrome nor I cant be a murderer neither. I couldn't even kill a mice Suspect ... I want to know and meet more of simian people.. I think we are kinda different Wink


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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty Hi everyone!

Post  Steph88 on Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:33 pm

It's nice to see a recent post on a forum about Simian Lines so I thought I sign up Smile
I too am 23 years old and have researched about them for years and years, I only just found the Legend of the Perakee today though and I finally feel as though something has clicked, I strongly recommend anyone with Simian lines to read it asap, I suddenly feel as though I have a deep understanding of myself and my emotions & thoughts
I feel as though the way I "work" is the epitome of someone with double Simian lines, I just find life so intense, and yes when I get focussed I can work forever but getting down to it is almost impossible I get so distracted by life and my own thoughts. It is also impossible for me to distinguish what is a situation for the heart and what is a situation for the head, I find this really truly effects my relationships in life. I am with such a fantastic man but I feel as though I am totally out of control sometimes and I just snap at him or am so in love that I feel as though I am smothering him, it is a surprise to me that he even puts up with me really!!
Up until very recently I've had bad problems with drink and drugs as a kind of release from my thoughts - I think anyway! Although about two weeks ago I had a sudden thought that I have to stop, I don't want this any more, I need to face up to myself. The weird thing is for the first time I have no cravings for either - I just have a huge urge to face my fears and learn a little bit more about myself...
Anyway I really need to stop babbling but it really is lovely to talk to people that might understand the inner-turmoil inside my brain and how it can be so hard to live in a world where you feel so alone & out of place
Much love to you all,


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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty Re: Double Simian Lines - Hello All

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