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Double Simian Lines - Hello All Empty Double Simian Lines - Hello All

Post  Krane007 on Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:35 pm


I am a 27 year old, and have Simian lines on both the hands, and they are full lines from the left side till the right side of the hands.
Personally, i am a goal oriented person, who can focus on a certain thing very well if i decide to, and get lost in what i am doing. It happens on quite a few occasions that I become unaware of what is going on else where, and around me, when i am doing something with focus.
I can do my work with lot of intensity, if i am interested. If not interested, it is hard for me to focus for long, and give much to it.

Although, i am not sure if this intensity comes due to the Simian lines, as i am also an Aries (sun sign). Smile And above mentioned things are just a part of my personality, to which there are obviously other things which I may be ignoring right now, as the context here is Simian Lines. lol
I am looking for more info on the significance of the Simian lines, more so as i have it on both the hands, and both the lines are quite very prominent in my hands.

And the fact that I have these Simian lines has plagued me since childhood, as I knew I was different than other people in some way. I always took it as a negative rather than a positive sign. It felt as if i was not normal. It has been a much intriguing thing in my life, and I always wanted to find an answer to it, and understand what it really means.

I also have a twin brother, who also has Double Simian lines. Smile

I am looking forward to interacting with all you guys, and getting your side of the picture, as each and every person is different !! Smile
Do share your thoughts!!


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