introdution i guess

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introdution i guess Empty introdution i guess

Post  poellie on Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:15 pm

Yes also I am facinated by the simian lines in my hand:) Just because it good too
I have them in both hands and do finaly know the ''meaning'' well actually not..
I try to find as much as information about it as possible, but i became a member here because i think its so much more interesting to talk to others! In my surounding nobody has those lines or knows someone who has them..
Who am I? a 28 year old woman who is happy but totally lost in my life... I travel, change jobs a lot, think too much, looking for a kind of a goal in my life, look for beauty, find uglyness, meet nice people but run away as soon as i can, to search for more..., better, something...
Is this the character of a simian line person? i don't know.. Hope to find out what i am and if there is a connection between other people with the same ''things'' on their hand and me..
thank you for reading and hope to get more knowlege from you all.


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