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my bad, my good.... Empty my bad, my good....

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:11 pm

dear friends (though you may still be few),

I have had the strong feeling that I always wanted to find other perakees....I was so afraid, that I never have enough contact to other perakees, that I was way to forceful with getting to know them.
I was much to pushy getting to know them.

I made many mistakes.

now......I have my girlfriend. and she knows another perakee very well. it's her brother. so now I can chill and sit back and watch things unwind, while easily and nicely getting to know her brother. it's good.

I am happy. I look forward to meeting him, every time I meet him. it's the biggest present my girlfriend could ever make me: another perakee to play.

that's really cool. and now, I am not that pushy anymore.

the last perakee I met was a lefty. I saw him just the other day in the mall, he was very upset and agitated. he has severe problems.....but I was to pushy to really get his friendship.
I wanted to play with him, but he was to easily too fed up with it.

I needed to be more careful about the topic.
and now I can be. and that will relax my attitude towards all the perakees in the world.



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