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Post  Admin on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:15 pm

ok, I am gonna try to put this in a nutshell.
but that's not gonna be easy, cause I am highly emotional talking about this subject, since I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia onced.

in fact, I do believe that I can actually heal schizophrenia. why? because I am half perakee/half mahakah.
for those of you, that are not familiar with the terms, here is a despcription:

mahakah=everyone with their head and heartline UNFUSED/DISCONNECTED, that's about 97 % of all of earths
perakee=everyone with their head and heartline FUSED, that's about 3% of all earths people.

so much for that.

the first thing I am gonna adress here is: WHAT IS REALITY?
it's mostly what we believe it is. seeing reality as it is may only be a privilege, that perakees have.

what is schizophrenia?
it's the split between the emotions and the ratio.

well, it's funny, that this is an illness, cause actually the only ones who might not have schizophrenia ARE THE PERAKEES.
cause we have head and heart fused. therefore we have our emotions and our rationality always in one place.
everybody else has a split between ratio and emotio, cause they have their heart and head line split.

I believe, that BECAUSE perakees have their head and heart line connected, we perceive the world "AS IT REALLY IS".
mahakahs cannot do this, they always see the world through a veil.

now, is it a curse or a blessing that we (perakee) see the world as it is?
yes and no.

seeing the world as it is gives you a deep feeling of what is true and what is a delusion.

well, in my case I have one hand mahakah and one hand perakee.

that means, that I can see the world
1. through a veil with my mahakahn hand
2. as it really is with my perakee hand

I have been getting into trouble a lot, cause I have been using my ability to see the world as it is in an unwise manner, when I was younger.
I made the mistake of explaining my parents how they really are, and that hurted them, cause they love their delusional view of the world and of themselves.
when my parents realized, that I can tell them how they really are, they became afraid of me, cause the saw their petty little ideas of themselves and the world around them in danger.
thus, my parents started to hate me for what I am.
in the end they took care of "the problem" and have been putting ME into the mental home, saying that I am the one, who has misperceptions of reality, while I was only telling them, who they really are.

that's a tragic story, and I wish, I would have been more conformist in my person. but I had a strong energy in me that wanted to get released.
on the other hand, my parents are very deluded people, and they live a real big bunch of lies. and the more lies are spread, the more it hurts a perakee, when he sees the real truth.

now, my parents are happy, cause they believe in the untrue fact, that I am simply mentally ill, and that let's them disrespect all I say, and they don't take me serious anymore. they have learned to not at all put value into what I say, cause they have learned to stigmatize me. this is their way of dealing with me, and continue with their lies.

the good thing is, that I have learned to heal their schizophrenia (which is basically nothing else than running as far as you can from the real truth).
my parents now see me in a different light. they know, that they have done me wrong. they feel it.

anyway. what I wanna say is, that I - since I am half perakee, half mahakah - can understand both sides of the story.

I can understand, WHY people lie to themselves, cause I also lie to myself with my mahakahn hand.
but I also have the ability to crack this system of lies up, whenever I want.

I play with my hands. I create delusions and illusions and I alter them as I wish and desire, and whenever I want I mix it with the real truth, and the way things really are.
and in fact, I have become a master liar, a master trickster. but that's only because I KNOW the truth.

most people live a lie all their life. they cannot stop living in that lie.
I have control over truth and fiction.

a perakee-perakee, one that has both hands perakee, can NOT switch between those realms.
he always sees the world, as it really is. and that may be just as boring as living a life of lies.

it is a great ability to see the world as it really is. no discussion about that. it can make you are very strong man. it can make you become a very influental man. or woman, for that matter.

but you will - in the depths of your soul - never have an understanding for mahakahs.
just as well as mahakahs have no understanding for a perakee (in the depths of their soul).

there is definitely a basic understanding there, cause we all speak a language and when I say "cheese" then we all know, what that is (and it's not just the imperative to smile for a photo).

but in the depths of their soul a perakee will never understand a mahakah and the other way around.

IF (!) there is noone around, who is like me.
because I have learned to bring them both together.
I have learned to be the connection between the truth and the lies.
the truth is a very rare thing, that's why perakees are so rare.

and, believe me folks, it is not a bad thing to always have the ratio and the emotio in one place.
many palmistry websites say, that perakees have a hard time because of that.
it's not true. perakee are very blessed, cause they are the great leaders and the great lightbringers.
cause truth is light. it's enlightement.
perakees are enlightened beings from their birthday on.

that's why they are the bosses, the leaders the head honchos of every facility.

perakees are also know as those "who speak with natural authority". it is because they know the real truth.

mahaka-perakees, like me, know the truth, but they also know the lie.
and once we (or I for that matter) start to love themselves completely, we accept both life concepts to be good. the delusional (created by outside influences) and the true picture (created by the combination of the ratio and the emotio). and the best is (and that's when you start to love yourself a lot), that we can play with it. we can trick, translate, cheat, do magic, undo magic, see the truth, bring the truth, or bring confusion and delusion. we are those that play with the elements. we are those who can control the elements. we are those who can make you happy or make you sad, and we can make you believe, that we are not cheating or hexing you, while we do (or don't for that matter). we are very hard to understand, and yet very easy.

we can create a paradise for you and we can create hell for you. and we can make you believe, that we are not serious about it (or on the other hand make you subconsciously believe, that you have changed, just by the word, we just said).

ok. we can heal your wounds, cause we understand your delusions, and we know the truth.
we can heal in a split second, with the blink of an eye. we are seen as charlatans, but we have the strongest magic.

I am getting very upset while I write that, like I was saying I would. it's highly emotional for me and I need to stop writing now, cause otherwise I explode.

maybe I am simply afraid, that my computer stalls and all I write is forgotten forever, cause I am not quick enoug sending it.
and before my computer kills itself I am gonna send it, hoping for the best interest.

take care,

papa mojo

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