the words....perakee vs. masukake

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the words....perakee vs. masukake Empty the words....perakee vs. masukake

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:07 am

dear friends.....

a happy and easy good day, to all o' ya.

I want to write a little essay here about the words perakee and masukake.

perakee is a word that is rooted in a dead language. the indian tribe, that used the word is dead, and thus the word is dead.

masukake is a japanese word, that is easily used and common in japan. japanese people are using the word and japanese people are not extinct. and they shall not vanish from earth, so soon, as the Bo tribe (where "perakee" came from). japanese people use the word, cause it's alive.

all that use the word perakee, use a word of a dead language:
"Total language death occurs when there are no speakers of a given language idiom remaining in a population where the idiom was previously used (i.e. when all native speakers die). Language death may affect any language idiom, including dialects and languages."

unforunately asians have a hard time speaking english. but they are very (!) deligent to learn. more than we caucasians try to learn asian languages. thus I hope that more asians will enter and register the forum, in order to help us caucasians (where the percentage of simian liners is way lower).

therefore we need to write EASY ENGLISH, so everybody in the whole world understands quickly and easily, what we have to I urge you, brothers and sisters, to write EASY ENGLISH!

thank you.

we need to learn so much from asians, soo much. and therefore we need to learn to respect them. and respecting them means not writing in complicated, rare and seldom expressions and words, but in words, that are easy to find in a dictionary, or that refer to the basic thesaurus of an english learning masukake from japan for example.

cause we can learn from the asians so much about ourselves, but if we don't respect them, they will not give us answers.



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