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Post  Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:14 am

admins introduction The+simian+crease

this is my right hand with its simian crease.

to be honest, I was a long time being doubtful about whether it is important to have a SC of it is not important.
I was wondering:

1. does it make me different?
2. how much of a difference does it make?
3. are those people, that I tell about it, and that say, that there is No Difference Whatsoever within it, right or wrong?
4. and finally, I was asking myself: "is that actually truly a SC that you have there? are you fooling yourself about something, that may not even make a difference? are you proud of something (without even knowing, IF you actually have it), that's nothing to be proud of?
5. and final: "why are you so nuts about checking the meaning of this unusual trait? I mean, there definitely is 'something wrong or different' with your hand. but why is it keeping you so busy? is it because you don't even know, if you have a simian line?
is it the fact, that even other simian liners may say: "hey, that's not a simian line. mine's purer!". or is it simply the feeling that you ARE different, always were different? or is it just the need to be special, while not being able to excel in other parts of life? is it, that you are so useless, that you need to believe in something so irrelevant to give your life a meaning?
are you just a stupid and lazy loser, that has "nothing else to do"?

I gave myself the answers to those questions.
now I would like to know, what you ask yourself.

this is my introduction.


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