what is perakee and mahakah?

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what is perakee and mahakah? Empty what is perakee and mahakah?

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A Perakee is someone with a fused heart and head line.
That's called the simian line.

Double Perakees have it on both hands. Single Perakees have it only on one hand (and their other hand is Mahakah (read below))

Well....there are unpure and pure simian lines out there.
Pure is, when you have only one straight line across your hand.
Unpure is, when branches leaf off of this line.

I believe, that it matters that the head and the heart lines are fused, cause that's where the power of the idea comes from. And that is, that we have difficulty differenciating between emotions and reason.

Mahakahs are those, with a normal head and a heart line. The lines are NOT fused in mahakahs. Still mahakas can have many other wonderful freakish traits. Red hair, one blue and one green eye, a cleft palate, protruding ears, being cross-eyed.....there is so many, many special things in people, that make them beautifuly freakish....and there you can see, that being a Perakee is special, but never forget, that there are other things out there, too.
And they are just as freaky and unusual as having a fused heart and head line.
Redheads are just as seldom as we are.
But they, for example get together at the RedHeadDay in September in the Netherlands.
Maybe one day, Perakees will get together like that, too.

Blessed be.

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