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the soul of those people Empty the soul of those people

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:29 pm

imagine how alone those people must feel.
they are very rare.....I can not imagine how their percentage of the world population must be.

it must be.....I guess randomly.....0,000001%.....right?
there is 3% of the world population perakee.

I mean, that's so rare.
and then imagine you grow in those countries, where natural abnormities are disaccepted.
I mean, here you can even get a "face lift". how senseless. how much more beautiful nature is. how beautiful it is to have wrinkles and to age.
nature gives humanity gifts and presents. the gods gave these people a HORN. that is a great thing. and they are very special. and imagine, what it means to have a horn. i mean, they say, that perakees have "special psychic powers" and that we therefore have a strong affility to animals.

so, ok, we have psychic powers. maybe we a telepaths, if we have cultivated those abilities. maybe we are even telekinetists.
maybe we can talk animal. maybe we understand things in a more deep way, than "the normal people" ( may write here, are just as accepted as those human unicorns here....).

but imagine the psychic powers of somebody with a horn....that must be such an intense life that they are leading.
they will suffer from stigmatism, from mobbing. they will feel alone....cause noone has a horn in their village/town, but them.
people will want to see their horn. they will feel like a celebrity, but people will not adore them like they adore uma thurman. they will see them as freaks. uma thurman is no freak, but she's famous and a celebrity.

those people will be regarded with fear, disgust, and intrusive curiosity.

but we, the perakee, can learn so much from them. cause we may not be as rare as them. but we are rare.
and we can learn from the pain that these even rarer feel.

the thing with perakees is, that our freak trait is not easily seen. it's hidden. it's not as easy to see as red hair.
red hair is another freak trait. and the psychic traits of those foxes are various.

that's the burdon of a perakee.....being special, without being able to simply stand there in the middle of the road, and people understanding WHY they are different.


but I believe that, if there is a hierarchy in humans, that those people with horns, e.g., are way higher and much closer to the gods, then perakee are.

or take intersex people (hermaphrodites). it's the same for them, as for perakees. you cannot easily see their trait, until they take off their clothes.....

so we got something in common with them which is......hidden.

so there are hidden and obvious mutations.


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